Maximizing function

The well-trained and highly professional staff at Rehab PT Associates is dedicated to helping patients attain their maximum level of function whether their disability is from a specific injury, the result of a surgical procedure, or a chronic condition. At the time of the initial evaluation,
patients develop, with the help of their therapist, a treatment plan based on the goals that they
have for their rehab program.
Physical Stretches - Life Improvement in Staten Island, NY

Care Personalized to Your Needs

We are proud of our ability to accommodate our patients' unique needs, providing individualized treatments in private treatment booths, as well as personalized exercise programs that focus on attaining each patient's goals so that they may enjoy a higher quality of life. In addition to supporting you throughout your journey to wellness, we'll train you in how to continue the healing process after you leave our care. Our focus is always on maximizing function in our patients' bodies so that they can attain greater happiness and a higher quality of life.
Quality Life Improvement

Fully Equipped Facility

Our facility is furnished with everything we need to offer each patient state of the art individualized physical therapy services. We have 8 private treatment booths, a variety of physical therapy modalities and a gym area featuring a wide range of exercise options, including Pilates equipment, and the computerized Biodex Exercise and Testing Unit.

Our private treatment areas are a unique feature not found in many private practice clinics, and our patients are appreciative of the personalized, friendly atmosphere of our clinic, call us today.
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